Aircraft Operations

Safely and financially prudent operation of an aircraft is a complex process. This section covers professional aircraft management, rules and procedures for earning revenue from air charter services, and how to optimize operating economics.
Luiz Felipe Ribeiro Valentini, Chief Technology Officer, EVE

EVE – Mobility Reimagined

Eve’s Chief Technology Officer, Luiz Valentini, explains Embraer’s approach to air mobility, and what it might mean to all of us in the near future.

Allison McKay, CEO, Women in Aviation International

Women in Aviation International

Allison McKay, CEO of Women in Aviation International, discusses the organization’s history, resources, and the value to a membership that exceeds 14,000 women and men.

Understanding the Emergency Vision Assurance System – EVAS

Understanding the Emergency Vision Assurance System – EVAS

Chris Skurat, VisionSafe’s Director of Sales for the company’s Business Aviation sector, how the discusses how the Emergency Vision Assurance System provides emergency backup allowing the pilot to see, and fly the aircraft to a safe landing, when smoke evacuation procedures are not sufficient.