Aircraft Operations

Safely and financially prudent operation of an aircraft is a complex process. This section covers professional aircraft management, rules and procedures for earning revenue from air charter services, and how to optimize operating economics.
Mark Leeper, CEO, Vision Logbooks

Digitizing 100 Years of Aircraft Logbooks

Mark Leeper, CEO of Vision Logbooks, an Aircraft Digital Logbook system provider, discusses the company’s digital conversion process that is transforming paper-based aviation maintenance logbooks into Aircraft Digital Logbooks that are accessible, researchable, and legally recognized.

Gene Holloway, Chief Sustainability Officer, Aerion Corporation

Supersonic Flight That is Kind to Our Planet

Gene Holloway, Aerion Corporation’s Chief Sustainability Officer, discusses the company’s plan to develop a supersonic aircraft that will be carbon neutral through the use of engines that are 100% biofuel driven, Aerion’s plan for a Zero Carbon Footprint, and an aircraft offering silent, boomless operations.

David Wyndham, Par Avion, S1E10

Business & General Aviation Aircraft Operating Costs

David Wyndham joined the firm of Conklin & de Decker and helped the consulting company become an industry authority on Business & General Aviation aircraft operating costs. Now working with Par Avion, David discusses Aircraft Operating Costs with Asset Insight