The Aircraft Ownership Lifecycle

Asset Insight Aircraft Lifecycle

Asset Insight Podcasts offer a unique exploration of the five sectors comprising the aircraft’s Ownership Life Cycle: Aircraft Acquisition, Aircraft Financing, Aircraft Operations, Aircraft Maintenance, and Aircraft Disposition.

Whether you are an aircraft buyer, seller, owner, operator, or user, an experienced industry professional, or someone seeking to join the Business Aviation community, each session is structured to provide timely advice, proven principles, and best practices employed by some of the industry’s most successful organizations, and each episode is presented by an experienced Business Aviation professional.

For entities seeking private air transportation, this section covers available options (e.g., aircraft charter; fractional share purchase; whole aircraft ownership).  Other areas covered include determining the optimum aircraft model(s) for your mission, considerations between acquiring a New versus an In-Service aircraft, and the aircraft acquisition process.

  • Your Private Air Transportation options
  • Determining the optimum aircraft model(s) for your mission
  • Acquiring a New versus an In-Service aircraft
  • The aircraft acquisition process
    • Utilizing an Acquisition Consultant
    • Determining the optimum aircraft acquisition structure
    • Tax considerations
    • Converting a hard asset into a financial equation
    • Comparing In-Service assets
    • Deriving and justifying an Offer Price
    • Making an offer and placing a deposit on an aircraft
    • The In-Service aircraft Pre-Purchase Inspection
    • Where to close considerations
    • The transaction closing

For those electing to acquire an aircraft, podcasts in this section cover the benefits of leasing versus purchase financing, estimating an aircraft’s Residual Value over your planned ownership term, the advantages of utilizing a finance broker, and the aircraft financing process.

  • Estimating an aircraft’s Residual Value over your planned ownership term
  • The Lease versus Purchase option
  • Utilizing a Finance Broker
  • The aircraft financing process

Safely and financially prudent operation of an aircraft is a complex process.  This section covers professional aircraft management, rules and procedures for earning revenue from air charter services, and how to optimize operating economics.

  • Professional Aircraft Management
  • Charter Services & Revenue
  • Operating Economics
    • Depreciation
    • Fuel costs
    • Maintenance
    • Navigation, landing, parking, catering and other fees
    • Personnel required to operate the aircraft
    • Personnel qualifications
    • Personnel training and re-training
    • Hangarage
    • Insurance
    • Taxes

Maintenance expense is an aircraft’s greatest “financial wildcard”.  Covered in this section are the benefits and value provided by Hourly Cost Maintenance Programs versus maintaining an aircraft based on traditional Time & Material cost, how to estimate Scheduled Maintenance expense, and creating a cost-effective maintenance strategy.  Additionally, with increasing focus on “aircraft pedigree”, the benefit of utilizing an OEM Service Center to complete major maintenance, versus an FAA-approved, independent maintenance facility, is examined.

  • Hourly Cost Maintenance Programs versus Time & Material cost
  • Estimated Scheduled Maintenance expense
  • Aircraft maintenance strategy
  • OEM Service Center versus FAA approved maintenance facility

Optimizing the value of your asset by calculating the best time to replace your aircraft is covered under this section.  Determining your aircraft’s marketability, how it compares to other assets listed for sale, and the advantages of utilizing an aircraft sales Broker are also discussed by experienced industry personnel.

  • The optimum time to replace your aircraft
  • Optimizing the value of your asset
  • Aircraft Marketability
  • Utilizing an aircraft sales Broker