Aircraft Maintenance

Maintenance expense is an aircraft’s greatest “financial wildcard”. Covered in this section are the benefits and value provided by Hourly Cost Maintenance Programs versus maintaining an aircraft based on traditional Time & Material cost, how to estimate Scheduled Maintenance expense, and creating a cost-effective maintenance strategy. Additionally, with increasing focus on “aircraft pedigree”, the benefit of utilizing an OEM Service Center to complete major maintenance, versus an FAA-approved, independent maintenance facility, is examined.
Christopher Broyhill, Season 1, Episode 29

A New Era In Aviation Compensation Analytics

Christopher Broyhill, Founder and CEO of Citadel Consulting Services, discusses “The AirComp Calculator”, what the company describes as business aviation’s only online compensation analysis system, able to provide precise compensation ranges for specific business aviation positions in seconds.

Mark Leeper, CEO, Vision Logbooks

Digitizing 100 Years of Aircraft Logbooks

Mark Leeper, CEO of Vision Logbooks, an Aircraft Digital Logbook system provider, discusses the company’s digital conversion process that is transforming paper-based aviation maintenance logbooks into Aircraft Digital Logbooks that are accessible, researchable, and legally recognized.

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