July 30, 2020

Engine Hourly Cost Maintenance Programs and the Pratt & Whitney Eagle Service Plan

A review of the features, benefits, and value offered by Hourly Cost Maintenance Programs, and the Pratt & Whitney Eagle Service™ Plan, commonly referred to as ESP. 
July 16, 2020

Business & General Aviation Aircraft Operating Costs

David Wyndham joined the firm of Conklin & de Decker and helped the consulting company become an industry authority on Business & General Aviation aircraft operating costs. Now working with Par Avion, David discusses Aircraft Operating Costs with Asset Insight
July 6, 2020

NATA: Empowering Its Members to Be Safe and Successful Aviation Businesses

Ryan Waguespack, Senior Vice President, National Air Transportation Association, discusses the NATA’s focus and services designed to empower its members to be safe and successful aviation businesses.