Aircraft Operations

Safely and financially prudent operation of an aircraft is a complex process. This section covers professional aircraft management, rules and procedures for earning revenue from air charter services, and how to optimize operating economics.
Cost Accounting for Business Aviation David Wyndham

Cost Accounting for Business Aviation

This article was authored by David Wyndham, Vice President – Consulting Services, Asset Insight, LLC, and published in the December 2015 edition of AvBuyer Magazine.

Stuart Illian, a Co-Founder of Bluetail, Inc.

The Value of Digitized, Organized, Searchable Aircraft Records

Stuart Illian, a Co-Founder of Bluetail, Inc., discusses the company’s aircraft record management system for business aviation that allows aircraft owners and operators the ability to digitize and organize their aircraft paper records – including logbooks, maintenance records, manuals and other related documents.

Christopher Broyhill, Season 1, Episode 29

A New Era In Aviation Compensation Analytics

Christopher Broyhill, Founder and CEO of Citadel Consulting Services, discusses “The AirComp Calculator”, what the company describes as business aviation’s only online compensation analysis system, able to provide precise compensation ranges for specific business aviation positions in seconds.