Aircraft Disposition

Optimizing the value of your asset by calculating the best time to replace your aircraft is covered under this section. Determining your aircraft’s marketability, how it compares to other assets listed for sale, and the advantages of utilizing an aircraft sales Broker are also discussed by experienced industry personnel.
A Current View of "Normal" - Jay Mesinger

A Current View of “Normal”

Jay Mesinger provides his thoughts about how business aircraft sales are being affected by the COVID-19 crisis, and how the market could be affected as we enter, what has historically been, the strongest quarter of the year relative to aircraft sales.

Helping People Achieve Jet Aircraft Ownership

Helping People Achieve Jet Aircraft Ownership

Dustin Cordier, President of jetAVIVA, discusses his company’s approach to aircraft acquisitions and sales, and how jetAVIVA has grown to become the world #1 light jet sales company, having helped thousands of people enter jet ownership.

Stephen Kelly, Global Sales Director, Global AVX

Online Auctions for Business Aviation Assets

Stephen Kelly, Global Sales Director for Global Aviation Exchange Limited, or Global AVX, discusses the online auction platform his company has developed for aircraft brokers, as well as direct sellers, as a mechanism for purchasing, selling, and leasing aviation assets.